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French brand and company based in Loire-Atlantique

Our complete soap kit

Bring an exotic and zen touch to your bathroom with our set of bathroom accessories.


Washable makeup remover wipes gently hydrate skin without clogging pores.

Soap sheet
Hand soap sheets

Able to accompany you everywhere, job, holidays, Trek, outdoors...

Bamboo cotton swabs

To try it is to adopt it, stronger than a cotton swab

Let us also add that the drops of water enriched with air are noticeably
Shower head with 3 jets

Home hydrotherapy, simple and practical, he will satisfy you.

Soap pouch

Time to go for the weekend, don't forget your little soap bag.

Pouch for solid soap
Refill of mineral balls

Reduce itching and irritation of the skin with less hard water.

Cork & stainless steel filters

Do not waste more liters of water

Hair catcher & stainless steel filters

No more blocked pipes .

Flexible the shower and PVC

Very hygienic, easy to maintain and will not scratch other parts of the shower.

High pressure hand shower

Have a good time in your shower after a hard day.

Our quality commitments

French brand and company based in Loire-Atlantique

We test our products before offering them to you

We answer all your questions under 1 hour

We do everything we can for you make everyday life as easy as possible.

HOW ? 'OR' WHAT ? ?

By offering you quality products which respect the environment as much as possible. But also articles that allow you to save money.


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